• Classic Margarita

    Classic Margarita

  • Espresso Martini

    Espresso Martini

  • Nachos
  • Ceviche

    Molson Canadain

Drinks & Cocktail Menu

Cappuccino, flat white, latte, long black ,mocha $ 3.50/4.50

Espresso piccolo, macchiato $3

Iced latte $5

Double shot coffee, milk and ice.

Iced coffee$6.5

Fresh fruits served with vanilla bean yoghurt.

Iced chocolate$6.5

Chocolate syrup, milk over ice cream.

Iced mocha$7

Double shot coffee, chocolate syrup, milk and ice cream

Extra shot , soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk $0.50


Açai Smoothie $8.50

Delicious and refreshing açai blended with coconut water, banana and strawberry

Banana Smoothie$7

Bananas, yogurt, honey blended with milk

Mixed Berry Smoothie$7

Mixed berries, yogurt, honey blended with milk

Green Smoothie$7.5

Banana, kale, cucumber, avocado with apple juice


Oreo and ice cream blended with milk, topped with whipped cream and crumbles

Salted caramel and banana

Banana, salted caramel syrup, ice cream and milk topped with whipped cream

Banana and peanut butter (Vegan)

Banana, peanut butter, cocoa powder blended with almond milk

Double espresso shake

Two espresso shots, ice cream, vanilla essence blended with milk topped with whipped cream


Malteasers, Milo, ice cream blended with milk, topped with whipped cream, malteasers and chocolate sprinkles on top


All blended with ice cream and full cream milk Chocolate – Strawberry -Vanilla – caramel


Coke, Diet coke, Sprite, Sparkling water,Ginger beer

Lemon lime bitters $5

Tropical thunder

Watermelon, pineapple and mint

Ginger ninja

Orange, carrot and ginger


Apple, pineapple, kale, celery and ginger


Diced mangoes blended with ice and mango juice

Pineapple and mint blended with ice and apple juice

Mixed fruits and berries blended with ice and orange juice

Tacate $8

Coopers pale ale $8

Bluemoon $9.5

Pacifico $9.5

Coors on tap

Glass $7.5

Pint $9.5

Pitcher $17

Beer bucket $9

Four different beer in a ice bucket .


BTW sauvignon blanc, victoria $ 7.5 / 30
Skipjack sauvignon balnc, Marlborough new zealand $ 8 / 35
The source pinot gris, Adelaide hills $ 8 / 35
Breem creek Chardonnay, Tasmania$55


BTW shiraz ,victoria $ 7.5 / 30
Mr Riggs Shiraz, Mclaren Vale $ 8 .5 / 40
The source pinot noir, Adelaide hills $ 8 / 35
Elderton Estate Shiraz, Barossa Valley $ 55


Felicette Grenache, Languedoc France $ 9.5 / 45

Sparkling $14

Modella Prosecco, Italy$ 9.5 / 45

The Caesars

A cocktail that can rightly claim that it came, it quenched, and it conquered Canada. Clamato, worcestshire, Tabasco, and Lemon built on ice

Loggers mule

Russian standard vodka, ginger beer and bitters

TheLumberjack sour

Canadian club whiskey , Cointreau, lime and the rest…..

The classic Margarita

Tequila ,lime, Cointreau, shaken, salted rim

Apple pie on the rocks

Vanilla vodka, fireball, apple juice and cinnamon shaken on the rocks

Passion fruit martini

Russian standard vodka, Cointreau, lime , passionfruit

The Maple espresso martini

Single origin espresso, vodka, Kahlua, maple syrup


White rum, lime juice, soda water ,mint sugar syrup.

Frozen Margaritas

Frogen lime
Passion fruit
Mango special

Virgins $10

Strawberry daiquiri
Passion fruit martini

Red Sangria$25

A light refreshing fruity mix of pinot noir red wine , contreau, and brandy, fresh lemons, oranges, cinnamonsticks and lengthened with club soda and ice.

Lemongrass and Ginger Sangria $25

A tantalizing and refreshing fusion of crisp white wine , amaretto liqueur and muddled mango married with zingy lemongrass and poured over mango ice spheres.